VESIA - Vehicle Electronic Systems Inspectors Association.

We are Approved Representatives and Inspectors for VESIA. Recognised Agents for Repair Certifiers to carry out diagnostic checks on electronic control systems..

Inspection of used vehicles in New Zealand

Under New Zealand law, a vehicle must meet certain standards and safety requirements before it can be registered for use on NZ roads. The Process of checking that vehicles meet these requirements is called Entry Certification. Vehicles must undergo Entry Certification when they are imported, or when the vehicle licence has lapsed for more than one year.

If structual damage is identified during the Entry Certification process, the vehicle must also undergo Repair Certification to ensure that the vehicle is within safe tolerance of the manufactures's original standards after repair.

Diagnostic checks and reports for electronic control systems, such as Supplementary Restraint Systems (SRS) and Anti-Lock Braking Systems (ABS), may be required if :


As approved VESIA inspectors we will conduct diagnostic checks and carry out testing processes, then report to the Repair Certifiers enabling them to complete the certification of vehicle repairs.