Vehicle Car Alarms & Immobilisers

Don't become the next West Auckland car theft victim. Contact us for a quote on one of our NZSA Certified Cyclops Security Systems to suit your vehicle..... You could receive a discount & benefits from your Car Insurance Company by installing an NZSA approved Cyclops System !

Approved Members of the NZSA - New Zealand Security Association.


The purpose of an alarm is to protect your vehicle and its contents from theft, providing a strong deterrent via a loud siren. Alarms include immobilisation of critical engine circuits making it impossible to start or run the engine. The Cyclops range includes a number of different alarm models, our most popular models are

CYCLOPS 661-3 ( entry level alarm system )

Cyclops 661-3 Alarm








CYCLOPS P375 ( most popular alarm system )

Cyclops P375






Cyclops P385




Cyclops P485







The purpose of an immobiliser is to disable critical engine circuits which makes it impossible to start or run the engine. The Cyclops range includes many styles of disarming methods, including Touch Key, Transponder, and Remote Control.









Cyclops P165







Cyclops P275

Cyclops P275




All alarms and immobilisers are fully guaranteed for 2 years, manufactured to ISO90002 standards and comply with insurance company requirements. Western Auto Electrical are certified Cyclops installers and authorised members of the New Zealand Security Association Inc.

We will help you find the best vehicle security solution to suit your needs from the extensive range of Cyclops Alarms.