If the temperature inside your car does not feel as cool as it use to be, then your A/C system may need servicng. Our trained technicians will diagnose, service, repair and ensure your system is performing to its optimum.

The Air-Conditioning system in your car is a serviceable item. Just as you would change your engine oil, oil and air filters regularly, it is important you maintain your A/C system in the same manner.

Manufacturers report that the A/C system should be serviced at least once every two years to ensure it operates at maximum efficiency. Most vehicles will lose 15-20% of refridgerant per year on average. The condition of your system can deteriorate quickly if the correct servicing is not carried out.

We use a fully automatic air-conditioning machine to professionally service your system.
This carries out a full leak test, vacuums system, reclaims/recycles and adds new refrigerant, lubricant and ultra violet dye to make leak detecting easier if needed in the future.
Finally we carry out leak and cooling temperature tests, system pressures and performance checks.

* Air Conditioning acts as a dehumidifier during winter, also using it all year round helps to maintain the A/C system. Because refrigerant actually carries the oil that lubricates the compressor, it keeps seals and hoses moist which prevents them from drying out and cracking which leads to leaks.

Odours and Bad Smells

Bacteria, mould and Fungi can grow inside your cars air conditioning system resulting in bad smells
and odours from the vents, also it can cause eye and throat irritations, bronchial infections, and allergic reactions.


We offer a non-toxic deodorizing treatment, which cleans and disinfects the entire A/C system.
This will also result in a fresh, clean smelling car that will enhance your driving pleasure.

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