Yuasa Battery

New Zealand's leading supplier of Automotive, Commercial, Marine and Deep Cycle Batteries offering a world class range of products and brands.

We are also Stockists of, Bosch, AA and Optima Batteries

An Independent survey shows that 31% of batteries are replaced unnecessarily!

Here at Western Auto Electrical we diagnose the problem, and give you the right solution. Also making sure that you have the correct battery for your application!

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The comprehensive Yuasa Battery range has been designed to meet all your engine starting requirements. You know you can rely on a Yuasa Battery for its ability to start your car's engine. With the superior technology and quality that you expect from a Yuasa Battery, you can be assured of smooth energy for wherever your journey may take you.


Yuasa Commercial Batteries cover a full range of products for every application, from light commercial vehicles through to long-haul trucks. The range includes products specifically designed to suit your off-road industrial applications.

Typical Applications: Light & Heavy Commercial, Stationary Engines, Hiabs, Tail lifts, Earth-Movers, Agriculture Equipment, Campervans, Back-Up Generators.


Yuasa Seafarer Batteries have been designed to meet all your Marine engine's starting requirements. With its robust design and superior power you can rely on your Yuasa Battery to start your boat's engine, run the normal on-board accessories and most importantly, get you back to shore safely.

In addition, all Yuasa Seafarer Batteries are manufactured to the highest standards to handle the rigours of wave pounding and vibration encountered in marine applications. The heavy power needs of some Optional Electrics may require the additional support of a dual battery system, which includes a Deep Cycle Battery.


Yuasa Deep Cycle Batteries are built to provide long-life performance and withstand the harsh rigors of the continual discharge and recharge cycling. They deliver energy for extended periods of time with out sustaining the life-shortening damage that such use would inflict on a standard automotive battery. For steady power over a long period of time YOUR best choice.

Typical Applications for a Deep Cycle Battery: Camper Vans, Marine Auxillary Equipment, Golf Carts, Mobility Equipment, Portable lifting equipment, Portable Communication Systems.

Choosing the Right Battery. The Yuasa Battery Range covers a wide variety of products designed to suit cyclic needs ranging from Wet flooded to Sealed Gel and AGM technoligies. Yuasa has the best battery to meet your specific requirements.